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The Boys in Blue
Legends never die.
(alas, no Starforce Mega Man to work with. Just as well, unable to fit more than 5 characters in a match in Brawl)

Nothing in this image is owned by me!
I handful of PMers have asked me if I'd type up any more fanfics, or when I'd continue the ones I started before.
The answer to these is no.
Trust me when I say this; every day, not 6 hours go by without a possible scenario popping up in my head that can be worked into literature. The problem is, I feel it would make a shit ton more sense if I had more reasoning behind each scenario, like how characters got there, or what the villain's scheme involves. Then there's the whole next scenario deal to break any cliffhangers. For me, this all can only be done in multiple chapters. Unfortunately, the more chapters I type, the less motivated I become to type them. The scenario in my head remains, and all I can do is tell my colleagues about them.
For example, the current situation in my head is this:
Mega Man, Sans, Papyrus, Hildibrand Manderville, Sash Lilac, and Akira Yuki are all in pursuit of Eggman, and just as they are taking a tractor beam to the Death Egg, Eggman instructs one of his cohorts, Lord Brevon, to intercept their path, and antagonize them while showing how Eggman plans to retrieve 8 souls, each unique in their own way, in order to fulfill his end of a project. Eventually, the battle leads to Eggman, and it just ends there.

Of course I would have details, but would I remain motivated to continue? Likely not, as I am easily distracted.
In the end, such a fanfic just won't come from me, and anyone that would attempt to take my place in typing this story would more than likely add characters that don't belong (ex. Kingdom Hearts characters).
If I sounded conceited there, I apologize. I'm just saying if someone succeeds in typing a story like this, it won't meet my vision.


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Smash Bros. all the way!
Fuck Kingdom Hearts!


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